My response to COVID:

Content Creation

On my Onlyfans page I post daily pictures and videos, most of them with a sexy vibe but also personal videos, dancing, and more. I also produce explicit material, some solos and the others with a partner. I'm like a naughty online girlfriend.

I produce and edit all my content myself and learnt a lot in this new sphere, I see it as a complementary activity that I really enjoy. Besides the growth opportunity it offers me a way to participate in the evolution of the sex industry. I try to offer something significantly more human and personal than the huge majority of the online sexual contents. I bring eroticism and authenticity to your porn consumption. Platforms like Onlyfans, even if far away from perfect, finally gives the power to women to produce their own content and receive money from it without the usual gigantic cut that most porn and camming website keep for themselves.

I also post some of my porn videos on Manyvids