I knew you were of the curious ones

All sexual activities are included in the rates except for the "Just dinner".

For some long and chaste activities like Vabali I can offer different rates, ask me.

What are my sexual limits?

Basically no pee, no poo, no pain, no penetration without condom.

I'm not really into BDSM even if light games are welcome.

Besides some scenarios do interest me, ask!

I don't have dates with more than one man, hetero couples are welcome.


What do I like?

I like sex, real sex, intense, honest, present, sweaty, loud, deep.

I like blowjobs, sorry, I LOVE blowjobs, I make love with my mouth.

I like seeing pleasure and showing mine.

I like masturbation, masturbating in front of others or someone masturbating in front of me, or both, eyes into eyes, breathing heavily, showing both vulnerability and desire.

I like women, slutty women, as slutty as me.

I like threesomes, I like couples.

I like anal, offering my most intimate part, showing how slutty I am.

I like anal the other way, taking your most intimate part, showing you how slutty you are. If I can start with my tongue, even better.

I do squirt for the lucky ones and I love it.


To the shy ones, the not so experienced or low self-confidence ones.

Let me know, share your fears, your questions, I'll make you feel both safe and excited and we can go as slowly as you want.

If you want something special, go for it, ask me, I have no tabu and if I can help with a fantasy it would be my pleasure. 


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