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Are you a lost traveller or a treasure hunter? Either way you might have found the right place. Fall in the depth of my eyes or explore the lines of my lips and the curves of my body while we discover the infinity of our worlds. I’m a nimble explorer, a night spirit. Do you want to play with me? Be careful, my sharp mind and my skilled sensitivity could surprise you.

My name is not mere coincidence, my life has always been full of crazy adventures.

The story began somewhere in the French countryside between a river and a forest where my feline companions influenced my personality balancing softness, stillness, and elegance with wildness, playfulness, and curiosity.

For the rest of the story, you’ll have to ask.

I’m a life explorer, an insatiable  integralist eager to play with boundaries. Former teacher, I’m a polyglot and I love to dig into the idea that our words define everything around us. 


I'm taken with Finite and Infinite Games by James P. Carse but I have a long list of great books that I would share happily. If you’re into intellectual complicity as a foreplay, we’re going to get along.

There is nothing better than getting trapped  in a spiral of sluttiness. I’m aroused by desire, mine and yours.

How convenient.

Sweet or wild I’m open to your style and I’d love to know about your fantasies. 


Height: 165cm

Weight: 52kg

Bra: 95B

Waist: 66cm

Hips: 96cm

Shoes: 37

Hair: Polar Blond

Eyes: Blue/Gray

Skin: Pale Ivory

My origins influenced me for some details such as my taste for quality experiences. My senses are seeking delight and sophistication. In the same way I like my talks deep. You like philosophy, sociology, psychology, economics, sciences, spirituality? Great!

I prefer my wine red and full bodied and my cocktails fruity and sour. I love salted caramel and chocolate, wondering if the impact of an action can be measured, and peanuts.

I have a master's degree in linguistics and teaching, je parle bien sûr français ma langue maternelle, hablo una mezcla de español chileno y castellano, ich lerne Deutsch e falo portugués do Brasil on top on my fluent English.

I’m a beginner tantra yogi, a passionate dancer, and I used to ride horses, water is definitely my element but the warmer the better.

I also love gifts! Follow your intuition or try a gift card if you're too afraid.

All prices include 19% VAT

Incall  +100

 I Want to Know You

Just dinner              250

      I Want You

Up to 1 hour            400

1,5 hours               500

2 hours                  600

  I Want the Full You

           with dinner

Up to 4 hours          800

Up to 6 hours        1100

Up to 14 hours      1500


Fly-me-to-you and longer dates upon request.

More about my service here.


Applications with references from past companions and/or information to get verified will be privileged.

I'm always more available for reliable people, answer my messages and confirm the day of the date.

Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance requires payment of 50% of the rate of our date.

The donation is given at the beginning of the date.

If you are thinking about immortalizing our encounter with photos or videos, forget about it.

"My values are well defined and I definitely don't think less of myself being an escort.

All the contrary, you need strength and courage to do it despite the society standards of 'good' and 'bad'.

I want to emancipate from all the rules I 'should' follow, all the ideas imposed  by society and challenge them. 

I am free! How free are you?"


If you're a newbie or if you like efficiency, I prepared a form to book a date, it's here, you're welcome.

If you're more of a writer or a humanist or if you just have a question you can write me an email:


By Nina jay Birdi

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