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Welcome stranger

Are you a lost traveller or a treasure hunter? Either way you might have found the right place. Fall in the depth of my eyes or explore the lines of my lips and the curves of my body while we discover the infinity of our worlds. I’m a nimble explorer, a night spirit. Do you want to play with me? Be careful, my sharp mind and my skilled sensitivity could surprise you.


Who is she?

I’m a petite French girl with a big soul. A life explorer, an insatiable  integralist eager to play with boundaries. A highly sensitive and versatile human being who likes doing everything by herself. I laugh a lot and don't take things seriously except emotions and communication. I am spiritual but not religious, happy to talk about it.

If you’re into intellectual complicity as foreplay, we’re going to get along.

What does she do?

I have two jobs.

Model, actress, photographer, editor, online girlfriend by day and escort by night, I'd be happy to be your adorable Muse in one or both of my realms.

I'm a cutie with a sweet girlfriend vibe but my innocent smile hides another reality. Once my clothes taken off, you'll discover an intense and naughty lover. Erostism is my art, would you like a slice?

Why Sexwork?

After a few years working as a French and Spanish teacher I realized that my skills would find better use on a one on one setting. I quit, moved to Berlin and at an event someone said something like: 'what is calling you in life?'
'SEX!', the answer appeared clearly in my head. It built up slowly, I tried a paid date, liked it and started my new adventure. The best decision of my life. I love my job for so many reasons!

DSC06924 (2)-2.jpg

Who is this delicious creature?

Height: 165cm/5'5''

Weight: 52kg/115lbs

Bra: 90B (French size)

     Waist: 66cm/26"

     Hips: 96cm/38"

     Shoes: 37/5.5

Hair: Polar Blond

Eyes: Blue/Gray

Skin: Pale Ivory

The Escort Experience

For our time together, I offer you to be your Muse, an inspiration for your mind, your soul and, of course your body if you want me to.
I personally  appreciate having a drink or a dinner as a foreplay to build complicity and let the desire grow more and more to reach an amazing intensity. That said sex is an option and I enjoy chaste dates as well.

Alright lady but what is going to happen in the bedroom?

I am really not into the cold acronyms of the sex industry but I can give you some information my own way.


I like sex, real sex, intense, honest, present, sweaty, loud, deep.
I like desire, pleasure, and vulnerability, here is my kink.

I absolutely love blowjobs, I make love with my mouth.

I like women, I like couples.

I like anal, offering my most intimate part.

I like anal the other way, taking your most intimate part. If I can start with my tongue, even better.

I squirt for the lucky ones and I love it.

I know almost the entire sex industry is based on the sub/dom paradigm but I don't really relate to it. I'm very fluid in my sexuality and never really identitfy to any of those roles. Come explore fluidity with me, it feels good.

We're NOT a match if you want pee, poo, pain, humiliation or penetration without condom.

Maybe you're shy, not very experienced, or your self-confidence is not really good. That's totally okay, you're far from being the only one.



All prices are in euros and include 19% VAT
Any booking requires a deposit.

 I Want to Know You

Just dinner              300

      I Want You

Up to 1 hour            500

1,5 hours               650

2 hours                  800

  I Want the Full You

           with dinner

Up to 4 hours        1100

Up to 6 hours        1500

Up to 14 hours        2500


These rates apply for Berlin.
Fly-Me-To-You, longer dates, and virtual packages upon request.



Any new client will have to get verified before booking. All options are in my booking form.

I'm always more available for reliable people, those who answer my messages and confirm the day of the date.

A deposit is necessary for any booking, I give it back in the case of a cancellation made more than 48h before the date.

The donation is given at the beginning of the date.

If you are thinking about immortalizing our encounter with photos or videos, forget about it.


"My values are well defined and I definitely don't think less of myself for being an escort.

On the contrary, you need strength and courage to do it despite society's standards of 'good' and 'bad'.

I want to be free from all the rules I 'should' follow, and those the ideas imposed  by society and challenge them. 

I am liberated! How liberated are you?"


My response to COVID: Content Creation

The COVID 19 crisis forced me to reinvent my job and I entered the strange world of online sexwork and content creation.

On my Onlyfans page I post daily pictures and videos, most of them with a sexy vibe but also personal videos, dancing, and more. I also produce explicit material, some solos and the others with a partner. I'm like a naughty online girlfriend.

I produce and edit all my content myself and learnt a lot in this new sphere, I see it as a complementary activity that I really enjoy. Besides the growth opportunity it offers me a way to participate in the evolution of the sex industry. I try to offer something significantly more human and personal than the huge majority of the online sexual contents. I bring eroticism and authenticity to your porn consumption. Platforms like Onlyfans, even if far away from perfect, finally gives the power to women to produce their own content and receive money from it without the usual gigantic cut that most porn and camming website keep for themselves.


Contact me


Follow me on social medias, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and for more exclusive -and explicit- content: Onlyfans.
Note: receiving hundreds of messages every day on all these platforms, I only answer everybody on my Onlyfans.

Please only use this email for media inquiry, collaborations, or other professional matters:

If you want to book a date, it's not possible currently.



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Collection where I'm the model, the photographer, and the editor.
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