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A date with Alice 



All prices are in euros and include a 19% VAT
Any booking requires a deposit.

 I Want to Know You

Just dinner              300

      I Want You

2 hours                  900

  I Want the Full You

           with dinner

Up to 4 hours        1200

Up to 6 hours        1700

Up to 14 hours        2500


These rates apply for Berlin.
Fly-Me-To-You, and longer dates upon request.

The Escort Experience

Still here? Great!
For our time together, I offer you to be your Muse, an inspiration for your mind, your soul and, of course your body if you want me to.
I personally  appreciate having a drink or a dinner as a foreplay to build complicity and let the desire grow more and more to reach an amazing intensity. That said sex is an option and I enjoy chaste dates as well.

Alright lady but what is going to happen in the bedroom?

I am really not into the cold acronyms of the sex industry but I can give you some information my own way.


I like sex, real sex, intense, honest, present, sweaty, loud, deep.
I like desire, pleasure, and vulnerability, here is my kink.

I absolutely love blowjobs, I make love with my mouth.

I like women, I like couples.

I like anal, offering my most intimate part. Let me know before the date!

I know almost the entire sex industry is based on the sub/dom paradigm but I don't really relate to it. I'm very fluid in my sexuality and never really identitfy to any of those roles. Come explore fluidity with me, it feels good.

We're NOT a match if you want pee, poo, pain, humiliation or penetration without condom.

Maybe you're shy, not very experienced, or your self-confidence is not really good. That's totally okay, you're far from being the only one.


Any new client will have to get verified sending me an ID before booking. 

A deposit is necessary for any booking, I give it back in the case of a cancellation made more than 48h before the date.

The donation is given at the beginning of the date.

If you are thinking about immortalizing our encounter with photos or videos, forget about it.


Book a date

Please send me an email with:

- The type and duration of the date
- The date and time

- An ID
- A picture of you (optional)
- Where you found me



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