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Are you an independent escort, a content creator, or do you want to become one?
I offer you my experience to guide you in the sex industry.

Consulting and Referral Program


My Story

Before getting naked I used to be a teacher, a French and Spanish teacher. Although sexwork actually has a lot in common with my past job, I miss the teacher's mission: helping others to reach their potential with guidance, knowledge, experience, and benevolence.

I'm not an old sexworker but I've came a very long way since my beginning on Seeking Arrangement 3 years ago. After some months I had built my website, was charging more than the average price for Berlin and was living comfortably even working sporadically.

Covid came to shake all my bright projections but I quickly moved to the online world and reached the top 0.03% of all creators on Onlyfans with absolutely no following when I started. I love this new part of my job and I became quite passionate about how to make the best out of it.

My skills

I like doing everything by myself and I'm quite a nerd, that's how I learnt a lot in the past years in this industry. Please note that I am not a 'professional' in any of these fields but I learned by experience and making a lot of research.

- Branding/Marketing: helping finding your own voice and market

- Advertising: from escort directories to social media

- Social Media: managing your different platforms and increase your audience

- Photography/Editing: creating amazing pics and videos by yourself

- Onlyfans specifics: managing your page and increase your income

- Working in the sex industry: the particularities, how to deal with them, emotional intelligence, communication, awareness, and other forms of personal development 

Two possibilities


Introduction Formula
I offer a first formula including an analyze of your specific profile, needs, market, existing platforms, and objectives, and then a video call to share my analyze, answer your questions, and work together towards your objective. Price: 200€

After this first step we can extend further, depending on your needs and desires, the price would then be discussed individually.

Feel free to reach out and share your situation, I will let you know if I can help you or not.


Onlyfans Referral

What's a referral?

When you join my referral program, I will receive 5% of your income on OF for the first year. You won't lose anything, the 5% are taken from the 20% cut that OF takes from each transaction so it doesn't cost you anything. In exchange I will help you with everything and give you tips to increase your income.

Can I join?
My referral is open to any model who hasn't started their Onlyfans account yet - or who would want to start a new one.

When you create your account just copy paste my link in the appropriate section:

Please contact me by email when you do so. I will then guide you, share all my tips and promote you on my social media and other platforms.

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