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About Alice

Who is she?

I’m a petite French girl with a big soul. A life explorer, an insatiable  integralist eager to play with boundaries. A highly sensitive and versatile human being who likes doing everything by herself. I laugh a lot and don't take things seriously except emotions and communication. I am spiritual but not religious, happy to talk about it.

If you’re into intellectual complicity as foreplay, we’re going to get along.

What does she do?

I have two jobs.

Model, actress, photographer, editor, online girlfriend by day and escort by night, I'd be happy to be your adorable Muse in one or both of my realms.

I'm a cutie with a sweet girlfriend vibe but my innocent smile hides another reality. Once my clothes taken off, you'll discover an intense and naughty lover. Erostism is my art, would you like a slice?

Why Sexwork?

After a few years working as a French and Spanish teacher I realized that my skills would find better use on a one on one setting. I quit, moved to Berlin and decided to start a new adventure with myself and with the world.

Sex work appeared like an evidence once the old moral obstacles were gone.
The best decision of my life. I love my job for so many reasons!


Height: 165cm/5'5''

Weight: 52kg/115lbs

Bra: 90B (French size)

     Waist: 66cm/26"

     Hips: 96cm/38"

     Shoes: 37/5.5

Hair: Polar Blond

Eyes: Blue/Gray

Skin: Pale Ivory


by myself

Collection where I'm the model, the photographer, and the editor.
For the nudes, join my Onlyfans.

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